CUTE DOGGOS EVERYWHERE! – To The Rescue! (A Dog Shelter Simulator) #1

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HEY! So To The Rescue! is a dog shelter simulator game that has us feeding, cleaning and managing a dog shelter and all the cute little puppers within! The great thing about this game is that some of the proceeds will be going straight back to dog shelters.

This is part 1 of my experience with the game, although I have to be honest, I have run into some game breaking bugs that I REALLY hope get fixed soon.

This game is available on Steam right now if you want to check it out!:

#totherescue #dogshelter #doggo

P.S. I am playing this partly in preparation for Farmville 3 this week. FARMVILLE 3 IS ALMOST UPON US.

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4 thoughts on “CUTE DOGGOS EVERYWHERE! – To The Rescue! (A Dog Shelter Simulator) #1”

  1. I have not been able to find a single video of someone just cycling through all possible companions before making a choice. Why will not a single person just look through all the dogs before choosing? I just wanna see all the dogs 😭


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