Walk-off Win! Orlando Arcia to the Rescue in 3-hit Game

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After getting just 1 at-bat in 16 days, Orlando Arcia gets a chance in the starting lineup and comes up huge for the Atlanta Braves with a walk-off home run.

Ian Anderson had another solid start and handed it over to a Braves bullpen that has been outstanding all year.

There was also some big injury news on Wednesday in regards to Ronald Acuna Jr. and Manny Pina.

Now the Padres come into town — we’ll preview that series.

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5 thoughts on “Walk-off Win! Orlando Arcia to the Rescue in 3-hit Game”

  1. whoever does the physicals for the Braves last offseason may need checked between Rosario and Pina having issues that required surgery. Neither were sudden injuries from what I've read.

  2. Yeah, that call below the zone about 2 – 3 inches, that would have walked in a run for the Red Sox, really shocked me! I was in the initial process of getting pissed off at the pitcher, for allowing a bases loaded walk, and then figured out the ump actually called it a third strike! Damn, that must have been a make up call for the others he missed so bad against us! Whether it was or not, that was one great call for the Braves, that's for sure! Shocked the hell outta me! lol ….. Jake: If the Braves play Contreras at DH, then need him at catcher because d'Arnaud gets injured, can't Contreras simply move to DH and someone else take his place at DH?


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